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Improving Employee Productivity

Engaging the Workforce

Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Improving Customer Service

Team Building

Do your teams have the tools for GREATNESS?

The essence of relationships, especially High Performance Teams, is communication. It is through communication that people share information, make decisions, solve problems and accomplish their day-to-day jobs. We work with teams in the early formation stages and build stronger relationships within existing teams.

Working with High Performance Teams in the early formation stages, we help establish a clear charter, design the teams work processes, identify roles and systems while they build communication, trust, cohesion, and synergy.

Teaching new and existing teams about interpersonal communication, group dynamics, problem-solving and effective decision-making, conflict resolution, personal productivity and time management can improve their efficiency and effectiveness as they learn and grow together.

We also use a variety of Assessment Tools to help individuals and teams discover themselves and how they can work together more effectively. This includes Myers Briggs, Performance Team Analysis, Life Orientations and others.

Contact us to discuss how we can customize an approach that will improve your organization’s most valuable asset…your people.

Start-up Team Building

Create an organization in which people’s hearts are in their work

Few would argue that "people" are an organization’s most valuable asset.

Do you want better quality, faster response time, higher productivity, greater sensitivity to customers, improved profitability? People makes these happen.

Which organization are you?

  • Unfortunately many people are motivated by compliance. There hearts are not in their work. They get by, do the minimum required, and watch the clock. The organization reaps mediocrity.
  • Other people are motivated by commitment. They care about the work they do, know that they are valued by their organization and can make a significant contribution to its success. The organization reaps vitality and excellence.

See Developing High Performance Teams.

Team Skill Building for New and Existing Teams

Have fun while learning to work together collaboratively

A truth about life is our interdependence. Everything we accomplish within an organization is through the efforts of people working together. Organizations are much healthier and more productive when their relationships are strong and people know how to work together.

In a highly interactive environment, team members have fun while learning principles and skills to ensure that they communicate, resolve conflicts, solve problems, make decisions and maintain a positive social environment.

We customize a team building and learning process to meet your specific team needs. We use assessment tools, team exercises, games, and experiential processes designed to help a team understand each other and determine how to effectively work together.

See learning objectives for Skills for High Performance Teams.

Let us be your PERFORMANCE SOLUTION!  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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