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“ Employee success hinges not on expertise, a college degree or other factors, but on FIT with the job.” Harvard Business Review

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Selection and Hiring For Fit

A critical component of building a GREAT company is getting the “right people” on the bus. To get the “right people” on the bus, you also need to have the “right people” applying and surfacing through your selection process. We help you by:

  • Identifying a hiring profile to measure “Fit”.peg in a round hole
  • Working with you to identify recruiting strategies to source candidates.
  • Suggesting changes to any policies, procedures or processes that ensure you are efficient at recruiting and targeting key people to be interviewed by your organization.
  • Providing Supervisory and Management training on how to conduct a behaviorally based, legal interview. This helps you get key information from the applicant, while reducing your company’s liability.

When you are ready to assess multiple candidates, the key to determining job “Fit” is to match people with the work they do – the hiring profile. Predicting candidate success in a job is all about having enough of the right information before you make a hiring or internal placement decision.

Several of our clients have used our resources to make significant contributions in their organization. Breueggers, DMJM, and Planet Tan are good examples of companies using our resources to improve their organizational performance.

Hiring and Selection Tools

The Profile XT™

One Assessment – One Price – Many Reports.
A multi-purpose assessment that is used for selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning for any position in your organization. It is a powerful and dynamic management tool that employs 21st Century technology to put the right people in the right jobs. It is administered on the Internet and reports are immediately available.
Sample Report for Placement and Sample Report for Coaching

Step One Survey®

A pre-employment screening tool for assessing the attitudes of job candidates regarding integrity, responsibility, drug use and work ethic. This is the solution for employers who hire too many people who are dishonest, use drugs, are late or ‘‘no-shows’’ and whose work effort is substandard.
Step One Sample Report

Customer Service Perspective™

Identifies people who have the right behavioral traits to give outstanding customer service. ‘‘Customers go where they are wanted and stay where they are appreciated.’’ Use the survey to hire people who will enhance your company’s reputation and create customer satisfaction and goodwill. Customized surveys are available for four industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Hospitality

Customer Service Sample Report

Performance Sales Indicator™

A great tool for selecting, managing, and training salespeople. It measures five key qualities of successful salespeople and predicts performance in seven critical sales behaviors. Using the Profiles Sales Indicator to build and develop a sales organization can result in record-breaking productivity, retention of top performers, and exceptional profitability. Sample Sales Management Report

Performance Indicator™

Measures five key personality factors and their impact on seven critically important aspects of success in business. The report helps you understand how an individual is effectively understood, motivated, and managed. It is economical and is quick to take, making it the ideal choice for your business. Sample Performance Indicator Report.

Profiles on Demand, an Electronic Application System

Streamline your recruiting and hiring system… by using an electronic employment application system that allows you and your candidate easy utilization and a positive, time-efficient application experience.

Employers using the electronic version are given the option to add customized screening questions for applicants to complete; while applicants are given the choice of applying for more than one position and the opportunity to attach resumes.


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