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Web-Based E-Learning Tools

Are you too busy to attend a training session? Do you prefer to learn at your own pace?

We have several E-learning options for you and your organization.

Targeted Skill Series

We have several resources that can provide a learning series in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Suite Desk top Computer Series
  • Accounting/Finance and Administration Series
  • Business Strategy and Operations Series
  • Customer Service Series· Health and Safety
  • Sales and Territory Management Series
  • Management Series· Professional Development Series
  • Project Management Series
  • Team Building Series· Leadership Series
  • Human Resource Compliance Series
  • Building a Home-based Business Series

Click here to see more details. Contact us to discuss which E-learning series is best for you or your organization.

The SkillBuilder E-learning Series

The SkillBuilder Series is a companion to the CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System, offering managers the opportunity to develop the competencies that are most important to their professional growth and success. The information in your Checkpoint Report is a starting point – not the end of the process. The way you use this information can be of incredible value to you.

The SkillBuilder Series is an organized method for improving leadership skills and becoming a better manager. It is internet-based and can be used anywhere and at any time. It is convenient, easy to use and effective. It is self paced and contains thoroughly researched material that helps you improve your performance in the competencies you choose. After responding to questions and doing on-line exercises, you just click a button on the screen to print a customized Self-Improvement Report. The report provides you and your Coach a copy of your customized plan of action to develop your skills.

You will also learn to use Profiles’ exclusive K-S-S process so you KEEP DOING the actions that make you a good manager, STOP DOING actions that impede your progress, and START DOING actions that will make you more effective. K-S-S is a powerful idea you will want to implement immediately.

The SkillBuilder Series consists of 18 modules:

Facilitates Team Success
Works Efficiently
Instills Trust
Takes Action
Processes Information
Thinks Creatively
Delegates Responsibility
Works Competently
Builds Personal Relationships

Cultivates Individual Talents
Seeks Improvement
Listens to Others
Motivates Successfully
Provides Direction
Achieves Results
Adjusts to Circumstances
Communicates Effectively
Displays Commitment


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