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"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall."
---Stephen Covey

Would you like to:

Help a new supervisor transition from being a peer to being the boss

Develop people leadership skills in your supervisors and manager

Improve employee and supervisor relationships

Build buy-in from your employees in your company goals

Help Supervisors train employees more effectively

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Selection and Hiring for “Fit”

Developing Leadership

Improving Employee Productivity

Engaging the Workforce

Reducing Risk – HR Compliance

Improving Customer Service

Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Supervisory and Management Development

Individual Development

We can develop Leadership Skills on an individual basis. We recognize that some organizations don’t have large numbers of staff in a leadership capacity nor can they afford an expensive program.

Our approach to developing leaders is called the “Golden Triangle”. We use individual Assessment Tools to identify what Skills need to be used within the specific company and why the leader is not using those skills. After sharing the results of the assessment with the individual, we jointly establish an individual learning and coaching plan to address the gap in knowledge, skills and abilities. This may include specific work related experiences, e-learning coursework, coaching or other relevant learning activities. If you do have Leadership Development Training, we can also integrate our learning processes with your corporate leadership development program, in order to create a cohesive approach to your organization developing leadership skills to meet today’s environment.


Group Development

Our Business Leadership Development programs are created and customized to your needs and your business situations.

New Supervisory Development

The shift from being a peer to a Supervisor can be challenging. This program is designed to help new Supervisors make that transition and understand what it means to represent the company to the employees.

Click here to see program learning objectives for New Supervisory Development

Management Development


Target Audience

This program is recommended for anyone who supervises or manages one or more employees. See typical Employee Life Cycle Learning Objectives.

Integrated Coursework

Communication skills are critical and at the core of building a positive and productive culture within an organization. These classroom sessions start with supervisors and managers understanding their Role as Supervisors and a member of the Management Team, along with building Foundational Communication Skills that will be used and reinforced during each employee interaction along the entire employee life cycle.

Practice Real Situations

Each of these 4 hour classroom modules uses Adult Learning Theory and Behavior Modeling Concepts. Participants focus on “safe” practice of real situations that they will be required to use in the workplace. Coursework is generally scheduled over a sequence of weeks to provide reinforcement and accountability to use the skill learned in the work environment.

Transfer of Skills

We also work with you beyond the classroom or learning event to establish a transfer strategy, changes in the systems and processes within your organization, to ensure that what is learned off the job is consistently applied on and off the job so you can realize the full extent of your human capital investment.

Ongoing Support

Individual and Group coaching sessions are available. Refer to Leadership Coaching for more information.

Additional Training Topics Available

Click here for E-Learning

Click on links below to see learning objectives for each program.


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