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"I feel the great thiing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving."
---Oliver Wendall Holmes

Would you like to:

Make a significant change in your organization in a short period of time

Strengthen your sales or customer service culture

Implement a change in your organization that will affect many departments and employees within the organization

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Improving Employee Productivity

Engaging the Workforce

Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Improving Customer Service

Reducing Risk – HR Compliance

Change Management

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Many changes fail simply because they are poorly designed from the beginning. We can work with you to ensure your change implementation is successful. While you wouldn’t use all of the methods described above, we help you focus on which methods will be critical factors in your organization that will result in the least amount of time, effort and resources to implement your plan. Our methods include:

  • All of the impacted and involved employees in the change must share a common understanding of the changes need.
  • Understanding the organization so we can address competing resources and deal with historical failures.
  • Determining the change approach will identify the appropriateness of building internal commitment for change or using power to order and maintain compliance. Both approaches are valuable tools for certain types of changes.
  • Strong Sponsorship is the single most important factor to implementation success. We’ll help you identify and coach sponsors in their role.
  • Resistance will occur in every change effort implemented. What we do is help you identify and manage the resistance during the change process.
  • Changes planned that are counter-culture will have a difficult time and will need more support to ensure success.
  • Building change agents inside your organization is consistent with MTM Performance Solutions values of transferring skills to the client.
  • Reinforcement and Communication Planning are both critical to each and every change effort regardless of size. Unless you align reinforcement of the new behaviors you want within the organization, the old culture will win. Communication or lack thereof has been blamed for many change implementation failures.

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